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June Update:

  1. When you see this, protect yourself ..."We use cookies and other similar technologies.... "similar technologies" is the scam. RUN from sites with that sleezy approach to Stalking you.

  2. West Kelowna elections are coming - pay attention, or pay EXTREMELY higher taxes. Why is His Worship so quite? Watch out!

  3. Who is Jason Luciw and why should you care?

  4. The word on West Kelowna's streets about Mayor Findlater is...

  5. We've identified the world's slimiest purveyors of child pornography.

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  5. You can Pay Attention Now, or Pay Me Later.

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    Is Your Privacy for Sale?
    Yes It Is. Inside is Who, Why, and How you are being monitored and your Internet viewing being decided for you..

  7. Inside - The Meanest, Toughest, Dirtiest, Slimiest Paedophile is... BING and Google!

  8. Coming soon: It's here! Inside: How Some Say the Westbank Fire REALLY Started, and by whom.



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